Grand surroundings

The idea is the most sponaneous product of our imagination. The idea is not bound, and not unproven, fragile and light, but the mother of all invention. Ideas shift the human organism into state of creative unrest and motivate us to incredible feats. Despite their volatility, ideas are the most valuable capital in our modern, scientific society.

And ideas need the right surroundings.

Great references bear witness to Bad Ischl's suitability as an enviroment for great thoughts. Artist, composers, writers, politicans and inventors have all sought the atmosphere of our town and received global accolades as their rewards.


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Grand News

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Grand act

Orchestration has always been something that people in Bad Ischl understood. Stage-ready entrances are something that we can still offer you today.

After all  Bad Ischl is one of very few congress locations that not only offers modern congress equipment, but also genuine stage technology.

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Große Umgebung, Große Angebote, Großer Auftritt, Großer Kongress!

In Bad Ischl ist jeder Kongress gut aufgehoben - egal ob für Alt oder Jung, für Kunden oder Mitarbeiter.  

Wenn Sie einen Kongress im Salzkammergut veranstalten möchten, könnten folgende Seiten für Sie interessant sein:
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Wir bieten auch die richtigen Kongresslocations, um große Kongresse zu beherbergen!

Sie möchten einen Kongress veranstalten?
Das Kongresshaus Bad Ischl berät Sie gerne!


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